I am squeaking in our May picture and update by the skin of my teeth (what an odd saying that is!). Anyhoo....here we are. Yesterday, my friend, Amy and her sweet family came over for a Memorial Day b-b-q and I begged her to take our family picture for the month. She was kind enough to shoot off many images and I just love them. I love that we are in the back of the van that we spend many hours in listening to music, looking for shapes, telling jokes and playing "I spy". I love seeing my other car, still faithfully in our lives. I love that our grass is freshly mowed by our amazing neighbours who knew that Ben just had his eye surgery and wanted to take care of him (we have the best neighbours EVER...Theresa..Dex and Emma!). I love that my kids are messy and happy and we're all kind of tangled up as that's how we feel much of the time.

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I knew going into it that May was going to be a big month for us. Mother's Day. Then we had the big neighbourhood garage sale when I get to clear things out of the house (LOVE THAT) and we get to get a few more goodies for the kids and tons of friends stop by for cookies and coffee. Ben did a week in Santa Barbara for work so I was flying solo with three of the kids as Jasper got to go home with Oma and Opa for a week. Then we left that weekend for Canada to celebrate my niece, Quinn's birthday. This week we had a fiasco with a dead battery in the car, Ben and pajamaed kids coming to rescue me and an end result of a towed car back to our faithful mechanic. The next day, Ben's visit to the eye doctor resulted in them setting him up for cornea surgery for the following day. This as I was getting ready to celebrate the Rubster's birthday. Whew.

Ben's eye is doing well. This was cornea transplant number three and it went very well with a doctor that Ben felt very comfortable with, after dealing with an infection and complications the last go around. Poor guy. He is just thrilled to be able to have some vision out of that eye again and we are hoping for a complete recovery and great vision. Here he is with his medical shades and hospital bracelet, sitting at the computer, even though he had strict instructions not to work. We were so grateful for all the prayer and help and kind words that we were given. Thank you!

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Ruby is so happy to have had her birthday, though she confessed to me that she feels very similar to what she felt like when she was six. She started the day with hot chocolate in bed while she waited for me to bring her French toast in bed. Breakfast in bed is a big deal around here. I added a little flower in a vase to her tray and she was thrilled. She got sung to at church and then went on a lunch date with Daddy. We played hot and cold as a way for her to track down her birthday gifts, which included this snorkel set that I obviously purchased way too big. We also played board games at her request, a fish version of memory with Tymen picking up the exact same card of red coral at every turn after thoughtfully saying, "Ummmmm, this one!" Then we went for Mexican food and Ruby blushed and buried her face in my arms when the waiters came to sing to her and present her with fried ice cream.

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Jasper had the time of his life with Oma and Opa for the week. It was the first time he visited by himself and he was ecstatic as he left, waving his Canadian flag out the window. On the phone he kept asking me if he could stay forever and when we got there to pick him up he yelled happily, "Guess what!!! I'm not your boy anymore!! I am Oma's boy!!" He got run around to the aquarium, swam with Quinny and Auntie Kelly, and sculpted play-doh people with Opa for hours.

Tymen and I had a lovely time during that week and it was fun to have time to spend with just him when Ruby was at school and the baby was napping. He is a soft hearted little guy and we did lots of cuddling. He's been kissing a lot lately too, just about everyone who will let him land his lips on their cheek.

Theo just learned how to sit, yesterday. Oh my, it makes him seem like such a bigger baby. He's been doing those open mouthed slobbery kisses that delight us all.

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As for me, I have been feeling a bit end to end with things and giving myself a few treats along the way. Morello cherries from Trader Joe's which I eat rather frantically. Eyebrow threading by the East Indian lady in Coquitlam. Many squares of Ben's coffee chocolate. Time to read. I have always been a do-my-work-first-and-then-play sort of girl and I really do crave order, but I am definitely learning how to let some things go so I have time to cuddle, and talk and listen. Watching Jasper do tricks on the swing is more important than sorting the mail. The mail gets sorted but I need to stop and take time as things are happening too. I am grateful for women in my life who I can talk with deeply. I have had conversations this month with an old friend that has traveled the paths of my heart with me for many years. Then tonight I had the opportunity to meet a new friend for coffee and we dug right down  into stuff in a way that you can't just manufacture and I love it.

I am grateful for so many things. The mercy and grace of the Lord feels so heavy on our lives and that is something for which I am so very thankful.

A couple final pictures: my super boys. My super baby was feeling a little grumpy but his super brothers were doing their best to love him up and keep him happy.

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So now we are planning on having a wonderful June. Actually with boys like this, I know it will be SUPER!