The family photo challenge (a family picture of the six of us for twelve months) can be a bit difficult between the rain and busy schedules.  We were down to the wire…March 31.  Ben was absolutely glued to his computer and I think didn’t get up for about 15 hours yesterday, solving some important issues, but I pried him out of his chair for 20 minutes.  It was enough time to pick up my awesome friend, Michalina, who shot these off for me.  I absolutely love the ones of us all loving and squeezed up together with the cherry blossoms surrounding us but I also am sharing what a lot of the messiness that was going on.  This, my friends, is family photography! The cherry blossoms.  We didn’t have time to drive to a wild field with flowering trees and had to find one in our neighbourhood that didn’t have houses directly behind it.  Not easy but I scouted after school.


Ben, ever the good sport for  the wife with the photo ideas, checks his phone and puts off the problem people for 15 minutes.


We try grouping number one but Theo keeps lunging at Ruby or choking me and Ben looks pained as he keeps the boys balanced.


Configuration number two allows Theo to grab a branch and whip his siblings.


Mummy takes the branch away and Theo pulls Daddy’s hair. Mummy tries to keep things happy and not get too bossy.


Ohhhh, the group hug idea starts to work, and the magic starts to happen. Cassandra appreciates that Michalina is shooting away! We got it! We got it!!!06-Marchfam-1307-Marchfam-1108-Marchfam-15

Then the hugs get too intense and squeezy.


Injuries begin to take place.


And….we’re done! Five minutes of pictures and we have a good one and a bunch that will make us laugh!


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