March 2011 Family Portrait:

IMG 0618 copy

Poor Theo was looking at us like we had lost our minds. Perhaps his mother has, who knows? What I do know is that I really had an almost overwhelming urge to stamp the moustache right off my face when I was editing.

March has been a good month.

Ben has been blowing off some steam creating an UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle)....basically a fun plane that he's been sinking some time and equipment into. This husband 0' mine loves a project and figuring something like this out is so fun for him. I have been enjoying the rhythm of our days. Housework. Teaching the boys. Devouring the baby. Digging around in the back yard. Having some visits with friends, both on the phone and meeting up for coffee. Reading "The Little Princess" with Ruby after school while we drink our peppermint tea. Taking photos and blogging. Ruby has been poking her nose in a book. We found out our first grader is at a fifth grade reading level....very fun to see her enjoying the world that literature opens up. She's been crafting her own paper airplanes and I am finding them all over the house as she gifts them to the boys when she is done with them. Jasper has been so happy to be in the world of four-year-olds, working on puzzles and letter sounds. It pleases me immensely to see how thrilled he is when the dots connect with numbers and letters. Tymen has been playing hard with cars and airplanes, and has a sweet voice when he talks to his little brother. Somehow, he made it all the way to church yesterday, with just his penguin slippers on, and no shoes. Someone's parents weren't paying attention.....And Theo is grinning, squealing, chubbing, laughing and rolling.

Saturday morning began with me nursing the baby in bed and Jasper hopping in on Ben's side for a cozy too. Together we kissed the baby and then I called out, "Coffffffeeeeeee!" Jasper chimed in, "Kid's coffee!!!!!!" Now there is a long standing tradition in our family of the women calling for coffee and the husbands serving it in bed (how awesome is that!). So Ben ran downstairs to fire up the French press and the steamed milk for the kids and everyone hopped into bed.

Here we have Jasper rolling around, Ruby writing down the names of every flower she can think of, Tymen munching on string cheese so that his and Jasper's low blood sugar doesn't start to contribute to a brawl in bed, and Ben carrying in the joe.

IMG 1536 copywat

These images make me so happy because they are very much US. I love that all six of us fit in bed. I love that the Chubster gets kissed and rolled around. I love that Ben teases and plays. I love that I have a fabulous lens that shoots in low light well.

IMG 1623 copy

IMG 1632 copy

IMG 1670 copy


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Then everyone got on some clothes and we rolled out to try out a new breakfast place in Sumner. Decidedly lacking in atmosphere with duct tape on the walls, curled up Valentines on the cooler, kitchy Easter decorations and crowded tables, the breakfast was definitely a hit. Ruby had a mouse pancake with raisin eyes and a sausage mouth. The boys had waffles and strawberries. Ben was shoveling down corned beef hash, and I had the most divine country fried steak which was oh-so-crispy even underneath the sausage gravy. I almost licked my plate.

IMG 1726 copy

When I am an old lady who can't eat crispy country fried steak anymore, THESE are the mornings I will remember fondly.

This month, my "six" is resting in my laundry hamper to remind me of how many loads I am doing at this point. Somewhere between 10-12 loads a week, split between two wash days. Right beside my washer I have this chalkboard with the reminder of who I do this laundry treasures. "Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also."

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