Is it just me or does anyone else think: Summer will be so wonderful with no schedules and long, leisurely days to do nothing but relax.... Then you get there and realize that summer is busier than any other time of the year. That's been our July, absolutely packed full of wonderful things.

The first thing was our trip to Pt. Roberts where we took our July addition to our Six Times Twelve series. We set off one evening and took these sun saturated images.

IMG 2600 copy edited-1


IMG 2574 copy edited-1


Wonderful Kaia who was with us, took my camera and shot away for me. Thank you, Kaia! I know the six of us are a moving target!

IMG 2458 copy edited-1

IMG 2740 copy edited-1


IMG 2472 copy edited-1

After we got done with our happy Pt. Roberts trip, documented HERE, we spent a few days in Vancouver with my parents, which is always a treat. My parents get the kids up in the morning, and my mum pokes her head in our room and says, "You just sleep in." They put all the kids in bed and give them remote controls (tubes of lotion once the remotes run out), and watch some morning PBS kids. We ate Greek food, went to the water parks and had a lot of fun.

When we returned, our new kitchen was installed (mostly :) ). We are backordered on some cabinets but when it is totally, totally done I will blog my kitchen bliss. The only part that wasn't bliss was...clean up from our whole trip and the contents of our kitchen ALL THROUGH THE DOWNSTAIRS. Eeek. It was a lot of work to put away but we soldiered away because we just had a couple days before our wonderful friends were about to descend. If there was ever a great week for VBS to land on, that was the week. The kids had a fantastic time and I had hours every morning to get to work.

Then our friends came and our household total for the next nine days went up to 13. They are the family that I lived with in Texas for three years and it was a happy, noisy week indeed. (Pictures coming from that week and their photo shoot too.)

Ruby went to Oma and Opa's for this past week and has been having a lovely time being loved on there. Bikeriding, trips to the pool, cousin time with Quinny and painting pottery with Oma...and now I am ready to have her home.

The boys have taken to shouting (pretty much daily), "Best day, EVERRRRRRRR!" I am glad they are having fun and loving it all.

So I guess August will be our month of long, leisurely days...and nothing to do but relax, right?