Three years ago I did this project, a family picture each month.  Six of us times twelve.  Sometimes it was a mad scramble at the end of the month to grab a quick snapshot but it was so fun to have all those pictures of us across  a year and see the kids grow.  So often, it’s Ben or I taking the pictures and I wanted to have a bunch that reflected all of us. We had a good January.  Despite warnings on facebook of families knocked over by the flu, we managed to avoid that, and instead all got a bad cold, thanks to Theo with his goopy, generous kisses.  I’ve been doing a massive purge of the house and feeling like I can breathe again.  It’s amazing how stuff can grow and I was ready to reclaim our bedroom from residual baby items and stacks of unused items that somehow migrated to our closet.  Though I know my house will never be perfect, I sure do love some order.  Ben turned forty this month and we celebrated with his family that flew in town for the weekend to surprise him. He does so much for all of us that it was a pleasure to see his face light up when he saw faces that he loves so much but doesn’t get to see very often.  Ruby has started basketball and we couldn’t be more pleased with this first experience with an amazing coach and such a positive environment!  Jasper and Tymen and Theo have started swimming.  For the big boys, after several repeats of the same classes, I have offered powerful incentives to pass….a Trampoline Nation date with daddy. We’ve been loving all the sunny winter days that we’ve been having and have tried to get out to bike and play as much as we can.  While January can often make me a bit batty, we’ve been trying to stay busy with projects, be cozy, and also relax and catch up on some reading.


I am also doing seasonal family silhouettes between these trees at a local park.  Can’t wait to blow them big and hang them on the wall. (I’m thinking about offering some “sihouette mini sessions” this summer.  Wouldn’t that be fun??)


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