Just squeaking in at the end of the month comes the next installment of our family portrait for the month. You can see the JANUARY EDITION HERE.

This one was taken by my sister, Kelly, on Valentine's day. My hope was that we could capture a little of the kid chaos as Ben and I sneak a little kiss and remember waaaaaaay back when it was a lot quieter and just the two of us on this day. Be mine, Baby! (Banner made with felt letters cut freehand on fabric glued to ribbon in about 20 minutes...love a fast project! We also made a R-U-B-Y banner with the leftovers).

IMG 6245 copy

February has been a good, nesting month for our family. We have been hunkering down and eating some comfort foods. The kids are loving watching Julia Child cooking DVD's with me and if they find that a meal is particularly tasty, they inquire, "Is this from Julia?" I have been sorting clothes, going through closets and getting rid of some of the extras around here. We've been playing lots of Wii at nights and getting out to ride bikes when the weather allows for it. Kelly, Dano and Quinn came for a couple of days and there were some Mexican Train competitions.

Also, my parents came down for a week so that I could trail along with Ben and the baby on his work trip to Santa Barbara. Before we went, we decided to take mum and dad on an outing, holding to our plan of taking a family daytrip at least once a month.

This month we went to Alki Beach and as soon as we stepped out of the van the icy wind stole my breath away and blew my scarf from right around my neck. Boo! It was SOOOOOO cold!! We covered over the baby in the stroller and decided to make the most of it for about 10 minutes...and then we were popsicles.

Ruby and Oma huddle together for warmth. Oma looks like the unibomber.

IMG 6654 copy

IMG 6673 copy

Before I had kids, I knew it was not under my control what kinds of personalities they would have but deep down, I secretly hoped I wouldn't have a "wet blanket" sort of kid. I don't. I am glad they are all great sports.

IMG 6709 copywat

The kids went for a run with Daddy while Opa and I caught it all.

IMG 6680 copy

Then my hands got numb and so I hugged my Tymie.

IMG 6765 copy

I have to say, it's never too cold to keep this boy from grabbing an available stick. They are absolutely magnetic.

IMG 6771 copy

Love him. Yes, I do.

IMG 6773 copy

Then Oma and Opa suggested a plan b. How about they take us for fish and chips? A mighty cheer of agreement went up and we all piled into the van.

IMG 6794 copy

This little boy sat at the table and needed some distracting.

IMG 6804 copy

Daddy played "Can You Grab the Salt Shaker?" game with him and he LOVED the challenge!

IMG 6813 copywat

IMG 6822 copy

Here I am with my bookends. I have learned not to be a martyr and hand off the camera on days out. Yes, I was there too!

IMG 6828 copywat

Fish and chips!!! Happy deep fried goodness!

IMG 6857 copy

IMG 6858 copy

Finger licking good. So good that we came dangerously close to licking each other's fingers.

It was a happy day.

Here's our companion picture to our family portrait. The 6 plate with our typical beverage containers. Mugs with hot coffee for Ben and iced for me. Water bottles for each of the kids. A bottle for Theo though he only takes that if he must.

IMG 7987 copy

On to March! We are ready for spring, are you?