**** Fall Mini Session Information- I am considering doing a day of Fall Mini Sessions on Saturday, Oct. 15th if I have 5-6 bookings. Family portraits for your Christmas cards, a brief senior session, maternity photos, a child update, headshots for your blog or website. All these would be great things to do on a mini session. $120. 15 images on disk with print release. If I don't have enough bookings for these minis in a week, I am going to "un-block" this day and open it up for a regular session. Please contact me as soon as possible if you are interested or if you have any questions. Thanks!  

August Family Update. Well, I just have been a little hairy around here editing lots of sessions, getting kids ready for school, and basically running in circles. (Can anyone relate to the circles part?? :) ) So here I am posting our August update eight days late.

August was a great month overall. Camping. Spray parks. Visit to Oma and Opa. Blowing bubbles. Playdates. Bikeriding. Library trips with Ruby who was drilling through over twenty chapter books a week. Chasing the ice cream man. Painting and crafting. Eating in the backyard. Swimming lessons (Tymen is finally a bubble blower $125 and six weeks later!) A little throw up episode that mir-a-cu-lous-ly skipped over Ben and I.

It was a good month but at the end here, we were left feeling a bit overtired (imagine that) and like we were ready for a fall schedule again. Ben and I are in the midst of conversations about what we want our family and fall to look like. We want to be purposeful about the places where we put our time and energy and not be mown over by every single possibility.

It's busy right now. Sometimes I marvel back at my single days. Did I really just take my journal and have dinner at La Madeleine's as I whiled away the hours? I was in the bathroom at Starbucks mid trip to Vancouver and in between everyone having turns, Ruby and I swapping out the baby, telling the boys to get their hands off of the toilet, it was crazy. I walked out to a smiling college student tapping on her keyboard and I said, "I know. It was a wild party in there." She laughed.

Then a few days later,  the lady at the Ikea kid dropoff looked at my brood and said sympathetically," I had four kids too. It does get easier. I really, really miss it." As busy as it gets, I am determined to enjoy the sweetness of these days too.

So here's our family August picture. I wanted to show all our different sizes.

IMG 0416 copy edited-1

We went down to Gig Harbor one evening and the light was heavenly...the golden light of sunset with a sheer cloud covering the sun at the end. Boy. Oh. Boy. If I could order that light for every session I do I would be blissful every day of my life. (How is that for dramatic). I also had my new camera and gave it the first go around. Happy. Oh happy. Yes, I am happy.

Of course, I spent the time ironing the boys' shirts, making sure we had no bed head after naps, only to get there and notice that Tymen had his shorts (and underwear, I'll wager) on backwards. That's my life :).

IMG 0153 copy edited-1

Oh man, I love these sweet pumpkins.

IMG 0154 copy edited-1

IMG 0188 copy edited-1

Poor Theo has spent his ENTIRE summer shoeless. The other day I put some on and he didn't know what to make of them, yanking like crazy.

IMG 0194 copy edited-1

IMG 0198 copy edited-1

IMG 0266 copy edited-1

IMG 0268 copy edited-1

IMG 0290 copy edited-1

IMG 0303 copy edited-1

IMG 0324 copy edited-1

IMG 0331 copy edited-1

IMG 0333 copy edited-1

IMG 0364 copy edited-1

IMG 0366 copy edited-1

IMG 0369 copy edited-1

At the end, we got ice cream. I am a big believer in bribes. The baby also got his first taste of cold delight. We laughed and laughed when he winced but bellowed for more. Jasper and Ruby kept him well supplied. Tymen was heads down concentrating on his own.

IMG 0462 copywat

IMG 0456 copyw

IMG 0504 copy

IMG 0527 copyw

IMG 0522 copyw

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