I am squeaking in here at the end of the month with our April update and family picture. Here is JANUARY and FEBRUARY and MARCH.

Easter morning. Auntie Kelly was the wild puppeteer getting rowdy behind Opa who had the camera.

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April has been a great month.

Ruby has been doing a lot of reading and crafting. She has lost her other front tooth and now smiles for pictures with her tongue pushed right in the hole to show how cute it looks. She's been reading to the boys every chance she gets, though they never get to do the selecting of books...it's always her choice. Her big news today was the arrival of her pink cowgirl boots that we found on Ebay...oh happy day!!! She is de-lighted and even suggested a photo session where she gave me several poses and yelled out, "SHOOT" every time she had a new move. This girl loves being a girl.

Jasper has been working on letters and letter sounds and is thrilled to put together small words. Having a big sister is a great incentive to get reading. Speaking of incentives, he has really been getting a kick out of some reverse psychology. If he isn't too thrilled about a task, sometimes I say, "Oh, Jasper!! Please, please, PLEEAAASSSEEE.....DO NOT CLEAN UP THE TOYS!!!" Giggle, giggle. He starts throwing the toys in their bins. "JEPPY! If you clean up, I will be SOOOOOO SAAAAADDDDD!" Laugh, giggle, run around putting things away.

Tymen is being a real lovey. He's all over the baby, kissing him and telling me, "Awwww, the Chub-a-ster love me, Mumma." I was sprawled across the chair with the baby yesterday with my legs up on the arm and Tymen wound himself under my legs and around me so he could swing his little arm around us.

Theo just went in the Jolly Jumper for the first time today. He was a grinning, giggling little man as he boinged along. The older brothers were under STRICT instructions not to touch him or the jumper or I know they would have been swinging him along.

Ben has been working on his airplane, and it's now put together and he's been flying and crashing it at the park. Superglue has been used to put it back together. He's having a lot of fun playing around with it, and that's great because I added up the bills to the hobby shop and realized he could actually fly on a real airplane for the cost of this fun toy of his :) . Honestly, it is always me spending the money and getting stuff for our home so it's fun to see him enjoy this so much.

I have been going through all the rooms in our home, one by one, spring cleaning and weeding out things that are just taking up space, which can be sold in the huge community garage sale this month. My soul sings when I see things organized. Ben has gone through the garage with me and we have boxes and boxes cleared out....but I do notice that he has not parted with one item from his bachelorhood....that he got at a gift exchange from his friend, Geoff M. It's a taxidermy dog head. Blech. He has a deep attachment to it and thinks it is so funny so it is tucked away in the server room as it was freaking out the kids whenever they went into the garage. I guess it's a link to the good old days....

Here's my six this month, sitting at the kitchen table, a symbol of the time we have together each night at dinner. I love dinnertime. We've been singing the Johnny Appleseed prayer and extending the "Ohhhhhhhhhhh" part as long as we can. We share what we are thankful for each night. We talk about questions and things that come up. Sometimes I look around the table and think about how wild it is that I am a wife and a mother of four.

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The other day I was reading my Bible and this scripture stuck out to me."Oh Lord, You are the portion of my inheritance and my cup, You maintain my lot, the lines have fallen to me in pleasant places, Yes, I have a good inheritance. Ps.16:5-6. I am grateful.