It was my goal in the year 2011, to have a family picture every month, be it from setting the timer and dashing into it, begging my friends, or shoving my camera into the hands of complete strangers. Six of us Hamiltons times twelve months. Mission accomplished!

I was poking through my hair last night, sure that my grey hairs have multiplied in the past year, but I am pretty sure it won't be shockingly noticeable in the pictures. What is obvious to me in the last 12 months of pictures are my little growing-like-weeders who are sprouting and changing every month. Theo went from a chubby two-month-old asleep and hanging on me at the sledding hill to being a lump of toddling love. Tymen is shooting up, skinnier and taller. Jasper is getting a bit more of a grown up look to him (noooooo, keep the cheeks!). Ruby looks way mature with her longer hair and glasses.

It's also fun to see us through the different seasons...together.

January (Thanks, Jonathan, for the picture!)

IMG 3686 copy

February (thanks, Kelly!)

IMG 6247 copy

March (thanks, Opa)

IMG 0618 copy

April (thanks, Opa)

IMG 6217 copy edited-1

May (thanks, Amy)

IMG 8397 copy

June (thanks, Haley)

IMG 1014 copy

July (thanks, Kaia)

IMG 2472 copy

August (thanks to me, stretching way back!)

IMG 0416 copy

September (thanks, Jessie!)

IMG 7483 copy

October (thanks, Opa)

IMG 7676 copy

November (thanks, Opa!)

IMG 4191 copy

December (thanks, Denise!)

IMG 7247 copy

Did anyone else complete this project for the year? I just saw my friend, Jacqueline, post her final installment of her family's monthly portraits. Her older daughters were less than thrilled at times and so it became known as The Mortification Project. Love it!

So for this year, my plan is to do the "365 Project", one picture for each day of the year. I've seen others do this during the last couple years but I've always been a bit daunted by keeping track of it. The last few days I've been seeing Becky's images come up and I've been finding myself so looking forward to seeing them. I LOVE the little slice of life and I love how she just wrote the day and time on each one. Easy. I think what I'm going to do is to just put them in a book at the end of the year. I'm going to mix it up...lots of kids but also some food, travel, errands, words, and stuff like that. What I wouldn't give to see a 365 pictures of a year in my family's life when I was little!

I think I am planning on once a month adding all the month's daily photos into a blogpost.

IMG 1767 copy edited-1

IMG 2177 copy

Anybody up for this project or a version of it?