I knew that if any family could pull off the mustache look, it would be this family. I was right.

IMG 9466 copybw

Hilarious! Without a moment's hesitation, they tore into the pack that I brought along with me and claimed their style. I love how John William's is a little off center. You can bet this picture will show up in a prominent place on my website.

IMG 9483 copywat

This family is my "other" family. I lived with them for three years while I was in college, when the oldest two were the ages that my kidlets are now. They fed and housed me, entertained me (obviously), and considered me part of their family. I learned a lot from Peter and Mary. Once the kids were in bed, we talked many a night. They challenged me and believed in my heart and are true, true friends.

I love their kids.

IMG 9435 copywat

There is Sarah...gorgeous and growing up.

IMG 9415 copywat

Josh, who I had to follow around for a while to get a normal look on his face. This guy is always messing around.

IMG 9399 copywat

Sweet Hannah with her soft heart. I was blessed to attend her home birth, the only birth (besides my own) that I have even been at. It was that great experience that made me want to have home birth for my kids too.

IMG 9380 copywat

Then there is John William who is a few months older than Ruby and has more personality than you could shake a stick at. Peter has been talking about an arranged marriage between him and Ruby. Who knows?

This cute look came on his face when I asked him who is funny and he said, "My brother."

IMG 9414 copywat

Somtimes I ask siblings some questions: Who is more like your dad? Who gets in the most trouble? Who gets the loudest? I love the expression of denial on Josh's face, hilarity on the girls' faces, and John William who is pointing to himself. I don't even know what the question was to this one. How much more "them" is this picture than four siblings sitting perfectly in a row, every hair in place.

IMG 9447 copywat

I love you guys. Next year I will bring the fake, ugly teeth, and Sarah, you will love to wear them...no, don't deny it...you will.

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