As I was bemoaning the fact that my baby boy is already half a year, Ben said, "No, don't feel bad. He's only 1/36 of the way there." 1/36 of the way to being eighteen and out of the house!! That didn't help my motherly nesting impulse to slow time down.

Here he is. I love that he is such a happy boy!

IMG 6682 copy

How much has changed over the last six months. (I think it's so amazing how the light in this room is so different depending on the time of day and the warmth of the sun.)

IMG 5797 copyfive

We couldn't be more delighted with this boy. He loves to be adored and cuddled. He is thrilled to be kissed and closes his eyes and grins in bliss. He is scooting and rolling. He flaps his arms happily when anyone pays attention to him. He grunts and yells when his food is coming too slowly. The kids are all so taken with him. They regularly drop to the floor to hug and kiss him. He is not lacking for attention. He's a little love magnet.

I came into the office to this the other day. My bookends. Ruby was reading to Theo and when he would grab his feet and roll away, she chided him and rolled him back. That dear boy had no choice but to enjoy Strawberry Shortcake.

IMG 5252 copy

IMG 5266 copy

These are the moments that make me count my blessings. How could I have ever imagined how much we would love this boy?

IMG 6711 copy

When we were in Arizona earlier this month, I asked Ben to take some of me and Theo when I realized that I didn't have any pictures of my with him in over a month. I hear this from moms all the time and a sweet friend of mine just posted on facebook a reminder to younger moms to make sure you get in the pictures and don't just take them. I believe that is SO important. I always hand off my camera so I can be present too. I want it well documented that I kissed and hugged this boy and squeezed his chub.

IMG 2612 copy edited-1

IMG 2672 copy

IMG 2712 copy edited-1

IMG 5202 copy

Sweet and good natured he may be but this month we have witnessed the battle of: The Chubster Vs. The Bottle. This boy definitely prefers mom and we have had quite the standoffs but I think I may have won. I still plan on nursing him for a year but I need him to be able to take a bottle if I need to get out for a few hours. These faces he was pulling just cracked me up. Despair. Confusion. Pain. Denial.

IMG 5232 copy

IMG 5231 copy

I once had the prof of a very painful math class I took in college say to me on the way out of my last class, " I could always tell what you were thinking by the look on your face." Eeep. My kids may all look like Ben but I think my emotional transparency has definitely rubbed off on this fellow :) .