It’s not the quietest house on the block but I’ll bet it’s the most fun. Six kids means things are not boring. I was so delighted to walk up to the front door of our friends’ home and see the three youngest boys with their cowboy guns pointed at me down the driveway.  I had such a fantastic time, chatting with Christy, and photographing their amazing family.  As always, Christy had some fun ideas about things that the littles were into which might be fun to put in some pictures. The cowboy duds, a chess game on the patio so we could really milk those mustaches, pictures of Ellie in her clubhouse where no boys are allowed but her hamster and dog are….it was fun to play.  We had a good time and someone may or may not have lost their pants in the mayhem but I promised no pictures of that!

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From our family pictures a few years ago, this canvas was hanging over the kitchen table!28-Abbey2014-9229-Abbey2014-9430-Abbey2014-10231-Abbey2014-10432-Abbey2014-10633-Abbey2014-10834-Abbey2014-11035-Abbey Family3