These six K cousins have been reunited for some fun family feasting and hanging out, and they managed to fit a photography session into their busy summer schedule. I was a bit incredulous as how many inches that many of them had put on since last summer until Tyler informed me that he needed to eat every two hours or wonder :).

We met up at the Des Moines Marina, which is usually one of my favorite places to shoot but right now is a bit of a nightmare with the pier roped off, fences blocking lots of the buildings, and no entry down to the docks. The sun was blazing, creating some harsh light right on the beach, so we had to get creative and find some other places to shoot. It was a fun challenge and we did scout out some places I had never used before.

Here they are. You can tell these cousins have hung out many, many times.

IMG 6663 copy edited-1

I loved the way they teased and messed with each other. That's family, right? Here they are tossing rocks in the water. It was a little hard to skip rocks with all the barnacles on them.

IMG 6676 copy1 edited-1

We had this set of siblings.

IMG 6710 copy edited-1

And then these guys.

IMG 6727 copy edited-1

IMG 6744 copy edited-1

I love all the chippy paint and bright colors down there. Here are the girls, who have to stick together in the middle of all that testosterone.

IMG 6731 copy edited-1

Love all the different faces here.

IMG 6762 copy edited-1

IMG 6797 copy edited-1

IMG 6818 copy edited-1

This last set makes me laugh.

IMG 6843 copy edited-1

IMG 6846 copy edited-1

IMG 6848 copywat

Hope you enjoyed your peek!