This is Christine. She is a very good friend who has walked out a lot of seasons with me. Our firstborns were five months apart and our second kids were six weeks apart. Then when I confessed to her that I was pregnant again with number three, when Jasper was just five months old and her little Hannah was four months, she decided not to join me on that round of childbearing. Hmmmm, I wonder why. She and her husband did, however, kindly volunteer to take our two oldest when I had Tymen, and were even gracious about a middle of the night false alarm....good friends indeed.

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Christine's husband is Chris and he truly is the kind of guy that takes great delight in taking care of his wife. He had this great idea about the weekend when her sisters were coming for a surprise weekend. He talked with me about doing a sisters' photo shoot. Wasn't that thoughtful? It seems that with everyone being spread out, that they haven't had photos of the four of them in quite a while.

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I had such a ball with them. I have to say, they were great sports and so funny. They would poke at and tease each other and then invariably all of them would laugh. They forewarned me, and it was true, they all have the exact same laugh. It cracked me up just to hear them.

Those of you with sisters will understand the dynamic that happens when you get together...and things get a little crazy...and you'd do things with your sisters that you might not do with anyone else. Can you imagine what their house was like growing up?

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This is Vicky.

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And Sherry.

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We had fun walking around the old part of downtown Tacoma, taking individual and group photos. I have to say, they were champs, to slog through some sprinkles that day. The day had dawned sunny and bright and by the time we got to our destination everything had changed. Usually, we postpone due to weather but we couldn't with such a limited time they were in town.

The fact that they were so fun, gave us so much more than awkward poses. I love this one...the same smiles....and I promise you, the same laugh.

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I had SUCH fun with you girls. Now I want to have a photo session with my sister too. Chris, what an awesome gift. Thanks for having me do this!