Vanessa and Travis have been friends of mine for a long time. In fact, I was honored to be in their wedding as a bridesmaid. They are both very musical and have incredible voices. I vividly remember when the idea was briefly considered that all the bridal party would sing on our way down the aisle...and my blood ran cold...surely they didn't want me to sing and ruin their wedding... :) In the end, they did a beautiful job of singing their vows to each other, and I smiled appreciatively the whole time, glad to be off the hook.

That was eleven years ago now and how sweet it was for me to spend some time with them and their wonderful children, Micah and Josephine. It is so obvious to me that they are just crazy in love with those littles. Vanessa and I had talked a few months ago, when I was just considering coming to Texas, about how she wanted photos that reflected who they really were and how they feel about each other. I was so pleased to do that for them, and quickly realized that it would be an easy task because of their warmth and obvious connection.

So, my friends, here is your sneak peek.....

That boy was running fast to give his daddy a high five!

IMG 8766 copywat

I loved seeing how very much their little ones looked like them, even in their expressions and the way they laughed.

IMG 8969 copywat

I wonder whose smile is JUST like his mommy's?

IMG 8864 copywat

Getting sugar from Daddy...Josephine wasn't complaining!

IMG 8850 copywat

What a sweet and expressive girl this honey is!

IMG 9002 copywat

She loves that mama...and that mama loves her girl!

IMG 8810 copywat

Okay, I have totally congratulated myself on having Travis bring along his guitar for some shots...we got some great ones of him and Micah singing "Jesus Loves Me" and "Twinkle, Twinkle".

IMG 8932 copywat

LOOK at this darling strumming along....what a love!

IMG 8955 copywat

It's obvious who this boy wants to be like.

IMG 8990 copywat

Now usually I leave sessions with kids this age all sweaty and cotton mouthed but this little guy was incredible, trooping along with a great little easy!

IMG 9014 copywat

Oh yes, we had fun. But then all good things have to come to an end.

IMG 9126 copybw

Travis and Vanessa, what FUN it was to spend the morning with you. God's blessing is all over your little family!