I’ve fallen in love with silhouettes.  There’s something about the dynamic between the negative space and the shapes that I just love (LOVE!!!).  I think they also highlight personality in the stances, and movement that are more subtle in other portraits.  Even without facial detail they show relationship and emotion.

I’ve been sneaking a few into regular sessions when I can (and if you book a regular session with me, we can talk about times and locations that are most conducive to taking a few of these along with your regular portraits).  I’ve been making my kids do them.  This was the first time I did them as mini sessions and I was so thrilled with the families that went for this artsy look.  We had so much fun playing and trying to get the balloons to cooperate in the wind, and wrangling a few littles….but it’s always worth the effort.  Thank you all for trying this with me!

I have all the families in this post, including the first family who used these images already to announce a baby on the way (so fun!).

I might be willing to do these minis again in the future if there’s enough interest.