My pardner and I wanted to send out a might "HOWDY" to our friends in Texas who not only withstood some crazy weather this week but are gearing up to be great football hosts. IMG 5370 copy

I spent nearly ten years of my life in the Lone Star State and loved it. Tex- Mex. Great shopping. La Madeleine's. DBU. Grace Community Church. We'll just forget about the soaring humidity and temps so high that you can truly fry an egg on the sidewalk. Hands down what I miss the very most about Texas are the people. Some of my dearest friends live there and I love it when I get the chance to come "hug your necks".

IMG 5367 copywat

IMG 5373 copywat

My sidekick and I are hoping for a chance to leave behind our posse here and come for a visit at some point this year. We'll let you know when we are fixing to come so somebody can make us some biscuits and gravy....or some chicken fried steak...or some queso...or some fried corn on the cob....or one of those great big turkey legs like they have at the State Fair.

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