I know there are a lot of boys whose enjoyment of picture taking in general is akin to a trip to the dentist or an afternoon of raking leaves. I try to make it as painless as possible and even fun. I was ready to make it quick and easy for these boys but they were just awesome with great smiles, an obvious affection for their family and super hearts. Their mom and dad have been doing a whole lot right with these guys.

As mini sessions went on and the forecast was for more rain to be dumping at any time, I was grateful for all the dry time we had to run around the park and even though it was cloudy, we had some lovely light to work with.

05-IMG 0958 cop1

Little Oscar was a tiny bit nervous about fall off the tree but once he knew his brothers were hanging onto him tightly, he was ready to rock the family pictures!

01-IMG 0960 copy

02-IMG 0967 copy

03-IMG 0982 copy

04-IMG 0985 copy


07-IMG 1029 cop1


08-IMG 1020 copy


06-IMG 0994 copy

09-IMG 1036 cop1

10-IMG 1046 copy

11-IMG 1063 copy

12-IMG 1066 copy

13-IMG 1073 copy

15-IMG 1114 copy

14-IMG 1110 copy

I love a giggler and he was just melting me by the end. Too fun! Thanks guys for making my job so easy!