I absolutely love teaching photography classes.  It satisfies my need to teach and my need to photograph things.  The Shooting in Manual class also satisfies my (desperate) need for  gnocchi with tomato vodka sauce as I eat a big plate of it at Sorci’s in Sumner with whoever in my class can stay and eat lunch at the end!  I have taught over a dozen intro classes: Photographing Your Life: First Steps with a D-SLR.  In that class we go over lighting and composition and connecting with subjects.  We also tackle the basic components of exposure and I send out people shooting in Aperture Priority mode.  From my experience and the confirmation of lots of class members that I’ve asked, they are just saturated with new information at that point and need some time to get familiar with how aperture, ISO and shutter speed all work together before taking complete control of all of them in manual.

A couple years ago, some of the people who had taken the first class asked for more and that’s where my Shooting in Manual class started.  Designed the teach students how to technically nail shots in challenging situations like very dark and very light situations, lighting contrasts, and with varying shutter speeds, we do an hour of sit down teaching and then three hours of shooting together.  It’s a small class and the goal is the be able to have the dots connect as we practice these challenging scenarios together.  It’s terribly fun!

I just taught a class and we had a super group of ladies, including Talia.  I met her last year when we were painting sets at the elementary school for the play her mom was directing.  When Sarah and her oldest daughter signed up for the class, I knew Talia would be an awesome model for us to practice with.  She’s got a great personality and is very engaging and beautiful inside and out!  I have some pictures for her from the day of the class and also from a sunnier day so I could give her a few with beautiful light.

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