I teach a Shooting in Manual class for those who have been through my first class and want to learn how to really take control of their cameras.  It’s always very fun for me to talk with them and then spend  several hours shooting with a small group.  This time around I had my sweet friend, Jessica, modeling for us.  It’s not an easy job.  I do a whole lot of talking with everyone and she was super engaging  with me and the class for a few hours.  As a little thank you, I always give my models a little gallery that I take along the way.

Jessica was a cabin leader with me at kids’ camp last summer  and by the end of the week I loved her even more than I did at the beginning. She has a heart for the Lord, loves people and has strong character.  Plus she’s fun and has the best laugh.  The night before the kids came, I quizzed her on all the things her parents obviously did right, wanting to take some mental notes!!  She is clearly a gorgeous girl and that light you see shining in her eyes are not just catch lights (which I talk about!) but also a beautiful heart. Thanks, Jess, for a great morning!

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