I had the pleasure of meeting Shannon at my parent photography class last month. I really have been loving teaching these groups. We talk about some fun, creative stuff and about the importance of parents picking up their cameras because nobody's got a better perspective on their family's life than them :). Then I get into the technical stuff of how to use your d-slr more fully to get the shot you want in different situations. That's when I often see the range from furrowed brows to nodding heads as the moms and dads (grandmas and grandpas) in the group, try out different settings. I could tell that Shannon was tracking and even helping out the people around here. I could tell that she's played with her camera a lot and for good reason as she has a beautiful family. What a pleasure it was for me to photograph her with her family too. It was unfortunately not the most ideal day. After hanging on the weatherman's prediction of a sunny afternoon, we made plans to meet but just as we were scheduled to start, I felt droplets at the park. (I want to know....who holds the weatherman accountable anyway???) We went for it and saw how much we could get in before the floodgates let loose.

It wasn't hard to see how much John and Shannon love each other and their sweet girl, Sarah. What a little honey she is. She stepped out of the car, said hello and pointed out her new boots. I was duly impressed. Sarah, just two days after Halloween was pretty keen on leaving the park to go trick or treating at the houses she saw on the outside of the park. I could imagine that in her little cupcake outfit, she got plenty of attention and of course wanted to do it again :).

01-IMG 6053 copy

26-gallery shannon

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So maybe there is such a thing as too many kisses.

04-IMG 6067 copy


05-IMG 6072 copy

Her daddy sure knew how to make her giggle.

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And then...it went from just a few drops of rain to pouring pretty fast. We hung out under the picnic covering to see what we could get. Fortunately, we still had some beautiful light and we got some of my favorite images here. Shannon and John worked with me to get a few pictures to celebrate Sarah's second birthday which is coming up in a couple weeks.

I think she looks like a wee doll here. Those curls and cheeks and lashes...what a beauty.

17-IMG 6245 copy

19-IMG 6235 copy

18-IMG 6248 copy

20-IMG 6246 copy

We gave her a birthday cupcake and though it wasn't trick or treating, she dove right in. Sugar is sugar, right?

21-IMG 6340 copy

22-IMG 6410 copy

24-IMG 6364 copy

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