It's just been a couple weeks since they tied the knot and they are still beaming. I remember when we got married, coming to the end of all the showers, parties, the wedding and the reception and as much fun as it all was, just being relieved to be married.

Tina and Shane were relaxed and comfortable and fun. I loved hearing the details of the wedding as we walked around. It sounded like they had so many friends jump in to help make their day so unique and special. Seeing the way he'd look at her and the way she'd smile with shiny eyes back at him was wonderful. Love is a beautiful thing.

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Tina said the first time she met Shane, she thought he was cute and hoped he'd ask her out. They are both looking pretty happy that he did.

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I told him to tell his beautiful bride something nice and she started smiling perfectly.

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Tina and Shane, I wish you all the blessings in the world as you begin married life together!