It's been almost eight years since I got married and moved away from Texas. Every time I go back, I see my old friends who look great and very much like themselves, plus or minus a few pounds :) However, it is always a shock to see kids that I taught, now adults.

Seth was just a little guy when I first met him and his family at church. He was funny and couldn't sit still and big hearted. It feels like he should still be in second grade but he is a senior.

I was so impressed by who he is now and happy to spend an hour taking photos of him. His mom was a little nervous about how long he would be able to do the whole photo session thing but he was amazing. I was doubly impressed because we had to cram this in right after he took his SAT tests, and all he had eaten that day was a donut! If he could do all that and still look so good on just sugar, I think that's pretty incredible.

I feel very proud of him....proud of who he is and proud of who he is becoming.

IMG 9178 copywat

We wandered around a cool hotel lobby and found this leather chair by a window.

IMG 9180 copywat

IMG 9173 copywat

IMG 9219 copywat

IMG 9221 copywat

Seth plays baseball so we wanted to do some shots of him in his shirt.

IMG 9246 copywat

IMG 9252 copywat

IMG 9270 copywat

IMG 9228 copywat

This is Janis, Seth's mom, and my friend. She has a heart a mile wide and I am very proud of her. I want my sons to grow to be strong, young men too and it is by watching the example of women like her, that I am encouraged as a mother.

Seth, I loved seeing you. You are awesome.