Looking back at pictures of me in high school is more than amusing. I went through my triangle-hair-stage, the huge- (I mean HUGE) glasses- stage, the braces-which-pulled-my-teeth-to-have-a-big-gap-stage, the poofy-back-combed-bangs-look-stage, the neon-and-spandex-stage. Honestly, those pictures are not for the faint of heart.

I think that I pulled it together a little more by my last year in high school but my senior pictures were the standard "wear a gown and hold the tired silk roses" look. How much more fun it is to have some senior portraits that actually reflect your look and personality.

I totally enjoyed the sessions I did with Erik and Stephanie in Sumner on the cool Main Street there. They were fun and confident and a breeze to work with. I had a blast walking around with them (and their parents), finding cool places to try a shot....lots of great textures and architectural variety in a place like that.

First I will show you some of my favorites of Erik.

I knew he would be fun when he was game, right off the bat, to hop on a dumpster for a shot. Not a career in garbage duty for this guy, I have no doubt. He is sharp and has a great part time job already.

IMG 0586 copy

We started out at that bridge by the Cannery.

IMG 0616 copy

Great style, I must say. Pretty girlfriend helping with that.

IMG 0583 copy

IMG 0572 copy

Totally outgoing.

Then we headed down to the train tracks, and one of the moms was put on the lookout when we got in a few fun shots.

IMG 0636 copy

We walked the street and found some cool places. One of the great things about a place like that, is that there are all kinds of pockets of beautiful lighting in doorways and in between buildings.

IMG 0763 copy

Love his reflection in the window.

IMG 0684 copy

At the end he quickly put on his hat (unapproved by the female presence), and jumped on his vehicle for a picture of him on his wheels. Erik, you rock.

IMG 0812 copy

A couple of my favorites of Erik and Stephanie together....

IMG 0621 copy

IMG 0731 copy

Now on to Stephanie's pictures. What a doll this girl is...hoping to head into pediatric care and even volunteering with kids now. She has a real heart.

IMG 0599 copy

What a gorgeous girl. No worries about the train here....surely it would come to an abrupt halt if it rolled in and a girl like this was on the tracks.

IMG 0640 copy


IMG 0665 copy

Love the stop sign reflection.

IMG 0702 copy

The florist on the street was closing up shop, but kindly let us use a bouquet of flowers for the next shot.

IMG 0716 copy

Grad '10!!!!! Of course, Stephanie will not be a solicitor when she graduates next year.

IMG 0772 copy

IMG 0768 copy

IMG 0780 copy

Have a GREAT year at school, Erik and Stephanie! Thanks for a super evening.

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