When I first moved to the States from Canada, it took me a while to remember what grades that freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior stood for. We just went all the way by our grades and then when we reached grade twelve, we were simply "grads". When I first told my family that I was taking "senior pictures", they would look at me, puzzled, and say, "Senior citizens?" I guess it seemed like a strange demographic :) . After jumping around with my puppets lately with little kidlets, it was a fun change of pace to meet up with Matt and take his senior pictures. He has a few weeks left at Stadium High School, which really is an incredible place. The building was originally constructed to be a tourist hotel in a French Chateau style by the Northern Pacific Railroad, and was later purchased by the Tacoma school board to become a high school. It is gorgeous, overlooking the water.

I totally enjoyed visiting with Matt as we wandered around the outside of his school and then down to the waterfront. He was easygoing, great to talk with, and game to try anything.

And...he was really easy to photograph and he's pretty easy on the eyes. You'll see :) .

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Love how this one turned out with Matt's board.

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IMG 0188 copywat

At the end of the night, we went out to a gorgeous hill overlooking the water and the Tacoma Narrows Bridge, where Matt boards every chance gets. It was absolutely still with no wind and the sun was setting. Hello, THIS is why we all live in the Northwest!

IMG 0208 copywat

IMG 0216 copy edited-1

I am not a sports photographer, but I asked Matt to take a ride down the hill. I didn't have to ask twice :) .

As he was smoothly flying down, I felt a huge sense of wishing I could do it too if I was about fifteen years younger...and cooler...and had any kind of skill....and BRAVER ( I really am a chicken)....because I can understand why he does it every chance he gets!

IMG 0257 copy edited-1

Matt, I thoroughly enjoyed my time with you. Have a great last few weeks as you sail through your exams, graduate and head off to college.

And remember, when you need your "senior citizen" pictures taken, you know who to call :) .

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