Levi is our nephew. We really like him and wish he and his family lived closer. They live in Colorado so we don't get to see them nearly as often as we'd like so it was a super treat for us to have him come visit for a few days. Being the big brother of hundreds of little brothers, Levi is amazing with little kids and had his cousins magnetized to him in minutes. He was so easy going and game for hanging out at the house playing games, heading up to Seattle to eat his way through the Pike Street Market with us, and he and Ben played a little pool and went kayaking too.

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Poker buddies.

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Theo was loving how his cousin poured big spoonfuls of treats on his frozen yogurt.

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Carrying 32 lbs. of butter on his shoulders, no easy task.

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He was a great sport when I insisted on pictures at the Seattle Gum Wall. We had the crummiest gum that was practically impossible to get bubbles from but he tried.

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The original Starbucks.

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One night, he and I ran out to take his senior pictures in Tacoma. I had a great time with him.

Ben and I have been talking about how we'd just love for our boys to grow up like him. The way he pitches in, gets the big picture and cares for everyone is pretty impressive. He is really fun and smart and easy to talk with. Mostly, we are impressed with his heart and character which are solid. We love you, Levi, and are so proud of you...as is the rest of your family.

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Okay, so when he and his mom were kind of figuring out what clothes to bring along, Levi said his dad insisted that he wear this tough guy get up in one. There you go, Mike! It took several minutes before he would stop laughing and smiling so I could get this shot.

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Totally up for having some fun, we had a good time with the fish sculpture.


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At the end, I took a wrong turn and we found these awesome warehouses. Hooray for wrong turns!

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Levi, we sure love you and are excited for this big year in your life. Thanks for coming to see us!

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