Often with kids that are more hesitant, I start with group and family pictures, but with ones that are ready to roll, I start with them.  When I arrived, Sierra and Kaden were ready to rock and were chatting my ear off.  It’s always a good sign.  I had a great time doing this family’s mini session, they are so easy to be with and ready to laugh and play around.  In fact, I do all I can to egg it on a little so we get some real smiles when taking family pictures.

My friend, Stella, told me that something I shared at a MOPS meeting a few years ago about the importance of moms and dads getting in the pictures was a big motivator for her.  I love that!  I know that there are many parents who tell me that being photographed isn’t the most comfortable thing in the world for them, but I love that they do jump in.  Your kids and families will never regret having pictures of you laughing together.

Thanks for a fun time, and for rocking the Seahawks gear.  Sierra easily knows more about football than I do (and she even had green and blue hairbands in her pigtails…so cute!)

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