I simply don't know how there could be a more peaceful birth. From beginning to end the birth of very anticipated and very loved Savannah Grace was full of peace and beauty. Truly. There will be a full blogpost soon but these are a few images for the picture hungry family and friends :) .

Misty was incredibly focused and strong. She was  amazing.

IMG 8494 copy edited-1


IMG 8538 copyw

IMG 8606 copyw

IMG 8897 copyw

IMG 8899 copyw

IMG 8907 copyw

IMG 8915 copyw

Oh man, I love this one. Dad asleep on the floor in the middle of all the talking ladies.

IMG 8923 copyw

IMG 8963 copyw

Blessings on you all, dear family. Soak in your baby girl. And Misty, I know you've been on Facebook all morning. Make sure you get a nap! (I know it's hard when you're so excited that your darling is here!)