I run a very real risk of gushing if I’d share  very much of what this family means to our family.  We love them.  Their friendship, faith, generosity, the way they’ve extended themselves to us and the people around them has been an incredible blessing.  We always liked them but in this last year, we've grown to love them deeply as we’ve led a life group (a small group from our church) with them.  We are so very thankful to be raising our families together, along with the other awesome families in our group. Having a true sense of community and involvement with others that love our family and that we care for too, has been an incredible blessing to us. We did their fall mini session and I was in blissful happiness. I adore these girls, I love being with their whole family.  Totally fun, especially when I asked Sierra what her dad did that was funny and she relayed something that had everyone laughing for five minutes.