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I've got my sandals packed. Oh yes, I do. I am going to get on a plane tomorrow with Ben and my baby boy to spend five days in Santa Barbara. I tagged along on his work trip LAST YEAR and had a luxurious time reading, shopping, walking in the sun at the beach. I am planning on doing exactly the same, especially the part where I eat Starbucks breakfast biscuits each and every morning. The only thing different will be that I will have my munchkin with me this year and I feel like time to lavish my attention on just him all day will be such a treat.

The best surprise came two days ago when Ben realized that he gets Monday as a company holiday which had not crossed our minds we get an extra whole day to wander around together. Bliss. Bliss. Bliss. Happy. Happy. Happy. It's our anniversary on Wednesday too. Nine years.

Oma and Opa are here to hold down the fort with the older three for the week. They almost didn't make it, due to being caught at the Canada/ U.S. border smuggling in KinderEggs. They are illegal in the U.S. (who knew?) and they were stared down by border patrol and required to go back to the Canadian side to dispose of their suspect chocolate. Heaven forbid that they put their toxic chocolate in the American garbage. It makes my wonder if I can trust these almost criminals with my children...hmmm...yes, I think I will risk it.

I'll be back soon and answer any emails next weekend :) . Have a great week!