Right now I feel like I am mothering in the trenches.  There’s a maze of laundry, homework, sibling spats, and heart issues we’re working on.  There’s a whole lot of sweetness too and laughing and conversations but I’m not going to lie, bed time around here feels like the Golden Hour every day!  I sure am not wishing these years away, but I have to say, seeing friends a few years down the road who are through much of the nitty gritty and have come to the reward of friendship with adult children is something to look forward to.  Ruth says her kids are her favorite people and the lights of her life.  I love her sweet, sunny smile when they tease and mess around with her. 

I spent a chunk of the afternoon with Ruth, Colin and Jorgi, along with Jorgi’s boyfriend, Ben.  Ruth is deep into packing for a move and I was blessed that they paused during these last weeks to have some pictures done together. 

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