I just got home from a soggy and sentimental group of moms outside of the first grade classrooms. I've been watching facebook statuses and enjoyed looking at pictures of other kids heading back to school and today was Ruby's turn, and I knew it by the lump in my throat.

She was ready to rock and roll. She is terribly excited about first grade and after our mini orientation yesterday, I stopped to ask her teacher a question and then looked around to find Ruby sprawled out in the class library with a chapter book open. I must say, her biggest excitement of the year comes regarding the possibility of eating a corndog in the cafeteria. To my knowledge, she has only had a corndog once or twice but it must have been memorable. Once I told her that she could order a school lunch once a week she read over the menu and almost jumped out of her skin when she saw the coveted lunch posted there.

Ruby comes from half day kindergarten which I felt was great for her and definitely great for me...so that I could still have my baby home for half the day. This whole day gone thing is a huge adjustment and I had tears welling up in my eyes as I saw her bounce in the lineup into her classroom. When they were in, all of us moms turned to each other. My friend confessed that her little girl saw her running nervous circles this morning and said, "Mom, stop! You are making my tummy hurt." I was the one who has been asking way too many questions about pick up...where do they go? How does the car lineup go by this hall? Where will the teachers be?

I really am pleased for her, though. She has a great teacher and we have been very happy with her school. She LOVES being in the fray of the class and learning with her pals, hanging on the monkey bars at recess, reporting to me the silly songs they are singing. It's a good time for me to give some more time to the boys and to prepare for this new little one.

I will be so happy to pick up my colorful sunshine girl at the end of the day. Here are some of the pictures we took yesterday, before her first day, which ending up just being orientation.

IMG 4121 copy

IMG 4126 copy edited-1

We kind of faked it with using her lunch box as yesterday was only supposed to be an hour, but ended up being only about 20 minutes in her class.

IMG 4131 copy edited-1

Then Ben took a few of us together.

IMG 4136 copywat

IMG 4145 copy edited-1

On our way out, we saw our friend, Kiana, whose mom was trying to juggle first grade and kindergarten orientation so we asked if we could take her with us. We took a little detour to Starbucks.

IMG 4175 copy edited-1

Hot chocolate, marshmallow delight,...and a lot of caffeine for me! Maybe caffeine really is the answer....

IMG 4163 copy edited-1

Last night I was laughing and visiting with my wonderful midwife during my appointment and she was telling me about dropping off her middle child for college this past weekend. She described hearing something in an assembly towards the end and then sobbing her way out to the car where her husband was waiting for her. He, of course, was concerned and she was trying to explain, that she just knew it was the right place for him, and now she didn't have to worry. All of this made me think that this mothering journey and learning how to let go is a long one. That love you have for your child is unbelievably powerful.

I am grateful for this time. And I can't wait to pick her up at the end of the day.

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