On Facebook over the past couple weeks there have been bucketloads of pictures of the first day of school. Kids in backpacks. Kids getting on the school bus. Kids giving the obligatory grin. There have been sentimental messages from moms who are ready to get into routine again but feeling the pages turning. Just last night I was thinking about how less emotional I felt this time around. I was a weepy mess when Ruby went to kindergarten and then when she started first grade all day long there were tears as she marched into her room. I thought to myself, "I'm really fine. I've done this before."

Then last night I walked into her room before went to bed to tuck her in and Ruby was laying on top of her quilt, sprawled out with her long legs, flushed cheeks, and looking so big. My baby girl.

She was up at the crack of dawn this morning, getting into the new duds that she and I shopped for at Target. (I had to really steer her away from some funky faux fur jackets...yikes!). I just love these next shots over everyone getting ready. What I wouldn't give for a picture of my sister and I getting ready for school.

IMG 3291 copyw

IMG 3309 copyw

Into her bag went the signed papers and her first "homework".

IMG 3315 copywat

Lunch was packed last night. Little note in her bag.

IMG 3318 copyw

Due to strange teeth configurations, she is currently eating out of the side of her mouth.

IMG 3323 copyw

The boys wanted to come into the pictures too. (Tymen's bandaid is due to his climbing his dresser yesterday and toppling it on top of his head).

IMG 3367 copyw

We're going to miss her.

IMG 3372 copyw

Mrs. Mitchell, Ruby's writing teacher, (who also goes to our church -FUN!), called out to me this morning, "Enjoy the quiet day!" Oh, I've still got plenty of crazy with three boys at home.

IMG 3377 copywat

Blink. Now she's seven and so big. I am so proud of this girl. She is a thoughtful and fun and creative and wonderful....everything I hoped my little girl would be.

IMG 3331 copyw


IMG 3338 copywat

Sometimes when I look at those shiny eyes, I can catch a glimpse of the young lady she's becoming. She is so beautiful to me.

IMG 3344 copywat

On our way to school we walked together and she confessed that she really had missed it. We found her room and my eyes were welling up with tears. I was hugging and hugging and kissing and kissing her...and she was being sweet to me but I could tell she wanted to get settled into her desk.

My girl. It's going to be a good year. Second grade.

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