When I first started experimenting with photography, I was nervous about light.  Developing an eye for how placing someone is bad lighting could completely ruin a shot, I always opted for the “safe light” of open shade.  I still love open shade at times but I have also really enjoyed learning how to manipulate light for all different types of effects.  When I teach my photography class, I always tell the class that I feel the primary variable that I am working with is emotion and validity in people and secondly, the light, over location, props, or anything else.  You can find the best light in a parking lot, by a random window or just about anywhere once you learn to look for it.

I found it in my bathroom the other afternoon.  It gets about 20 minutes of gorgeous light every day that we have sunshine, which we’ve been valuing on these winter days!  I took Ruby with me to snap a few shots and “play”.

Like the light, I deeply sense that these days are fleeting and very, very valuable.  She’s not so little anymore, she’s nine.  However, her heart is really soft too and I am very grateful.  The other day, she and I were on a date. We talked about things like how people choose others to be role models.  I asked her how her heart was doing and if there was anything that she needed.  Then, knowing the business of school and the activities that we’ve carefully chosen, I asked her if there was anyone she’d like me to schedule more time with.  Anticipating some friends’ names, it pleased me so much to hear her say, “You and Daddy.” 

She’s our gift from the Lord.  I was so glad to take these window shots of her and get an honest look at her in the light.

Also, I’ve been hungry for black and whites lately so I indulged myself with this series.

1-rlight (1 of 25)2-rlight-13-rlight (12 of 25)4-rlight (19 of 25)5-rlight (7 of 25)6-rlight (15 of 25)