The thing that I have to be most purposeful in our family life about is slowing down to find and meet our kids’ hearts.  I’m a list checker and with a crew of four crazies and all the projects, library books, homework assignments, sports, Awana meetings, friends, crafts, and noise that comes with the territory, I constantly am reminding myself to pause.  Even if it’s for a couple minutes with each one, just to ask some questions that let them know they are wanted and known and heard. Sometimes it’s having one do a little project or cooking with me so we can be together.

When I have a chance to take some portraits of  the kids individually, it reminds me that this growing up time is going quickly and I want to tuck all the love, care, conversations and time into them that I can.

Ruby and I dashed down our hill the other day to catch a few minutes of light and some blossoms.  She’s funny and sparkly and crazy and a little emotional these days.  She’s in those tween years of change and adjusting. Sometimes what she’s thinking is right on the surface and written on her face and sometimes I have to go digging a little, but it’s always so worth it.

She’s really wonderful.