Rub-a-dub-dub, three men (well, little boys) in a tub.

This is the fourth year that I've plunked the boys in the tub for some pictures. The previous years it's been just Jasper and Tymen but this year Theo got to splish and splash too.

There were two rules.

1. No dumping water over the baby's head or swishing him around or putting Santa bubble beards on him or making waves on him.

2. No splashing Mummy's camera.

They kept the rules pretty well as they played and swam around like little fishies until they had raisin fingers and toes. They all love a good bath and they all need a good bath fairly often. Some of last year's pictures are framed over my tub and this year, I've ordered a canvas of this morning to go in our newly painted downstairs bathroom. Can't wait until it gets here.

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When I got pregnant with Theo, I counted out the months and knew that Tymen would be about two and a half when the new baby arrived, which was a much bigger spread than Jasper and Tymen at just under 13 months. It really wasn't until I found out that I was having another boy that it occurred to me. Three boys....three and under....this is going to be busy. It IS busy, and messy, and noisy. It is a lot of cleanup and food and laundry but I love, love, love that my three boys are growing up together.

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