A year ago, both Melissa and I were at the end of our pregnancies. We had both had some preterm runs to the hospital, bed rest, and then as our "safe dates" arrived when we could have our babies....they both decided to hang out a little longer. From Washington to Texas, it was so encouraging for me to have her cheering on my pregnancy and praying for me like I was for her. It was such fun for me to meet their baby girl, Emma Kate, and their awesome sons who I had never met before. It had been years and years since I had seen Melissa and Tony. In fact, they were at the fateful conference with me when I met "The Gazebo Guy", who I never would have guessed would become my husband (long story for another time :) ). Shortly after that they moved back to East Texas and have been busy pastoring and raising their beautiful family.

What an absolute treat it was for me to see them all. They all piled in and drove two hours, two hours, to our session, which deserves some sort of award (or maybe some extra pictures on their disk :) ). They are good people, as generous and real and loving as they are in these pictures. They cherish their boys and sweet baby girl and each other.

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I am so impressed with parents who are raising their children well. Those boys are all boy. Canon was even telling me about how he caught wild animals with his hands...yikes! But even so, they all have these tender, wonderful hearts. The way they responded to their parents and loved on their sister was awesome.

EmmaKate, Aiden, Rowen, Canon.

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EmmaKate is slightly concerned.

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Sweethearts. A while back we were comparing notes about munching on our chubby babies like dessert. (Just roll 'em in a little butter and sugar and eat those cuties!) Mothers have this strange desire to just devour that baby yumminess.

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Please wave if everyone thinks you're sweet.

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Loved how Tony carried her around like a sack of potatoes when we were walking around. She's such an easygoing and happy little thing.

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Getting smothered :) .

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Tony and Melissa, thank you so much for the pleasure of photographing your beautiful family. Much love to you all!

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