For my next mini session I had a family that's been in front of my camera before. I was just looking at the session from LAST SPRING and the girls look so little! That's part of the reason for updating family pictures....those little people refuse to stop growing no matter how we beg and plead!

They are a wonderful crew, so fun together, and those little ladies are pros! It was a tiny bit chilly when they arrived so we teased the girls about pretending they were warm on the beach...with sand between their toes...and it worked :).


IMG 4111 copy edited-1


IMG 4114 copy edited-1

Hello, magazine family :) . When you have two girls who know what to do, this is what you get.

IMG 4123 cop edited-1

Look at Rob's face. He knows he's got some good looking girls all the way around!

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IMG 4131 copy edited-1

So funny :) .

IMG 4162 copywat

IMG 4167 cop edited-1

IMG 4178 copy edited-1

Sometimes, just as the little people smiles get a bit canned, we do a silly face and get everyone laughing again.

IMG 4190 copy edited-1

IMG 4198 copy edited-1

IMG 4208 copy edited-1

With mom and dad.

IMG 4217 copy edited-1

Ohhhh, love this one.....kissing with little girls gagging beside me. Good thing for mom and dad to be in love with each other.

IMG 4267 copy edited-1

Melissa and Rob, it's always a pleasure!