Sometimes it takes a bit of patience to get to a photo session date.  This time we had to work around a couple re-schedules due to sickness and heavy rain but boy, was I glad for the late afternoon that we ended up with. (Actually I was ecstatic!)  The last hour of light and fall sunshine were dreamy to shoot in and the warmth that it brought to these images makes me happy.  Cathie and Lonny and their twins were pure fun to photograph.  We joked around and they were lovely together.  The girls monkeyed around and teased each other and Cathie had the best laugh.  At the end we caught the last bit of light for a few silhouettes…the icing on the cake.

I had quite a few favorites to share and Cathie will get a nice big gallery because I just couldn’t narrow things down more than I did (and I didn’t try very hard.) Enjoy your well deserved peek!!