This is the second time I've had the opportunity to jump in the family fun with this extended family. They came from all over for some seriously intense family time at their grandparents' home. There are lots of things to do together and the kids play good and hard. Kitty laughed and told me that they house was a mess but that they'd had a great time together :). I love that they so value making time to be together and also appreciate that they take time for family pictures. There is a real sense of warmth between them and I so enjoyed hearing about their visit, especially since the amazing moms had put together some family Olympics this year. Relays...races...all kinds of events had resulted in many impressive medals for the kids and lots of memories for them all.

IMG 5594 copy


IMG 5631 copy

Kitty with her beautiful daughters-in-law.

IMG 5654 copy

Three boys that tower above her now. Love that.

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IMG 5671 copy

Bill has a playground named, Papa's Park. What a super bunch of grandkids they are!


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IMG 5753 cop1

Chase, Abby, Hunter, Titus, Megan, Troy. A super crowd of cousins.




I'm always interested in hearing from parents who have enjoyed and raised kids that love to be together. I asked them if they had any pearls of wisdom after parenting and Kitty said, "Lots of love, unconditional love." Bill agreed and added, "Some good fences and boundaries too." Sounds like some pretty solid advice to me!

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Dina and John.

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Rachael and David.

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Jenny and Will.

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The family Olympians!! And the crowds went wild!!!

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Good times :) .