I felt a  quick connection with Elizabeth and Matt.  I took the “long way” to their house which took about seven minutes, only to realize that they lived up the street from a playground that the boys and I go to at times, which is just about two minutes away from us.  Their excitement over their baby coming, when they had waited a long time for a him, was contagious. This little fellow is so incredibly loved already.  Elizabeth had been put on a modified bedrest so we stayed in their home and went for a short walk in the park down the street.  We took some shots in little Liam’s room which had a cradle made by Elizabeth’s dad, blankets folded and itty bitty shoes just waiting for chubby feet.  We took some pictures with their three dogs who looked at me like I’d lost my mind when I was laying on the carpet shooting them all.

It was fun to see how Matt could make Elizabeth laugh so easily.  She told me as we walked to the park (and he zipped down in the car so he could drive her back), that he is such a rock and just what she needs.  She said she knew he’d be a great dad.  They will both be incredible parents. 

Little Liam has arrived this week, and I’ve seen on facebook his cutie pie little face and then the outpouring of friends and family from all over who are so happy to see this couple blessed with the son that’s been in their hearts for a long time.  I can’t wait to photograph that love soon!