This morning I was a little distracted. I was working on a project around the house and it was the kind of time where the kids went through some cycles of playing good and hard, scuffling over balls, and being read aloud to by Ruby. It was all background noise while I wasn't really paying attention.

When I pulled my head up after the kids had been hunkered down in Ruby's room, I noticed that the box for Ruby's ballet slippers from a couple years ago was on the ground. It appeared that those ballet slippers had been re-gifted. Ruby is, after all, half Dutch, and we certainly know how to save a buck.

They had been bequeathed to a younger brother. And labeled.

IMG 6099 copywat

In such a short time, Jasper had become terribly attached to them.

IMG 6105 copywat

Perfectly happy to be dressed up by his big sister and perfectly unaware that he is wearing girl ballet slippers. Ah, the role of the younger brother.

IMG 6108 copywat

Also, I am very excited to have my blog jazzed up a little. As soon as "we" (Ben) installed the new application last night, I lamented that "we" (Ben) didn't do this months ago.