When their mom told me they’d turned down a birthday party in order to do pictures, it pretty much made my day.  I adore these twin sisters and have had the opportunity to do annual pictures with them, this being our fourth session.  They are sparkly and quick to smile, the same and yet different, warm and connected and full of life. I remember reading a book years ago about the relationships between twins and seeing these two darlings love each other so very much makes me happy.  What a treat it was to meet up with them again and chat with their wonderful parents.  I loved hearing updates on how school is going, how they are getting ready to head to Paris together, and what their summer plans are.

We started out at their house where the girls showed me all their tricks on their new trampoline.  They were smiling and bouncing with hair flying all over the place. Then I had them write their names to document what they look like as they head into grade one.  Then we headed out to the market where we found some fun little spots, even on a very busy day, to do some family portraits.  They were monkeying around and making us laugh, especially when they would zing in with a perfectly timed line.

Lastly we headed right into the thick of the crowds.  The girls danced to the bands, held mom’s hand, rode on dad’s shoulders, and lastly, covered their fingers with raspberries and gobbled them up.  I always get a variety of portraits, both individually and in various combinations.  However, I LOVE being able to also add in some documentation of families playing together because I think that’s what we want to remember too.  The girls feet walking on either side of mom’s, dancing on the waterfront and being twirled by dad, and walking in to see the sights together. 

Here’s a nice little bonus too: if you let me photograph you playing around too, you usually end up with a nice, big gallery Winking smile.

Thank you, Sally and Ed, for spending the evening with me.  Your girls are treasures!

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