I knew that Ashleen was my kind of girl from her first email. She expressed her interest in having the joy and love of her children and family photographed. I was thrilled because that is absolutely my favorite thing to photograph..the relationships! We were rained out once and so I was excited when the weather the week of our session was full of balmy, sunny days. I was bummed when I woke up that morning to drizzle and rain, and gave them the option to postpone again but they decided we should just go for it. I was so very glad that we did! We met at a wonderful market and were able to use overhangs, covered porches, and glass canopies to get the light we needed and also to stay dry. Things are rarely perfect when we have the variables of weather, how much kids have napped, how busy things are, etc. However, when the focus is on family and connectedness, we can do that in a variety of settings. These parents did such a great job of being flexible, having fun, playing around and keeping our time happy.

A few sessions back I had a dad confess how crazy and stressful things were getting out the door and how he and his wife were trying to keep from getting stressed with the kids. I told him I would rather have a happy kid in a dirty shirt over a grumpy child dressed to the nines, any day! Driving away this day, I reflected that I would rather have a loving family in the rain by the same token.

So…Ashleen and Gord. We took a few pictures of them together while wee baby Evelyn was napping in her stroller and Parker was tucked into his spot.

IMG 0297 copy edited-1

IMG 0346 copy edited-1

Parker is one happy almost three-year-old. I am not sure if he was charming me with his perfect behavior and great personality…but I was charmed!

Love, LOVE! The affection they all had was so obvious to me.

IMG 0373 copy edited-1

IMG 0378 copy edited-1

IMG 0386 copy edited-1

As I was showing Parker where I wanted him to sit, he plopped right down in my lap. Love my new little buddy!

IMG 0416 copy edited-1

Messing around. How much of life with toddlers is playing around…a lot! So fun to get some of these interactions photographed.

IMG 0437 copy edited-1

A happy kid makes a great portrait indeed!

IMG 0447 copywat

Then sweet Evelyn woke up and we did some family shots.

IMG 0493 copy edited-1


IMG 0529 copywat-1

Munch, munch, munch. I am sure her parents eat this girl right up! Such a honey sunshine!

IMG 0543 copy edited-1

IMG 0569 copy edited-1

IMG 0581 copy edited-1

Clearly as much daddy’s girl as she is her mummy’s.

IMG 0640 copy edited-1

Tickle time.

IMG 0693 copy edited-1

I saw Gord lean over to kiss his wife as we went to the market. I grabbed my camera and said, “Do it again!”

IMG 0737 copy

IMG 0472 copy

I said, “Parker, do you want a big, big cake?”

He replied without taking his eyes from the case, “No, I want a really messy one!”

IMG 0739 copy edited-1

The inside tables were packed so we found a bench outside where he dove into his messy, Black Forest cake. Happy boy.

IMG 0751 copywat

This is truly the best little job in the world. Thanks, Ashleen and Gord, for sharing your family with me.

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