I love it when people show up ready to show their hearts when they are photographed. There are photographers who are far more skilled than me at posing people and setting them up just so. I definitely have ideas and will give direction, but I am far more concerned with engaging and drawing out personality and relationships than I am trying to create a pre-conceived look. Does that make sense?

Racheal was my last mini session on Saturday (I've decided to post these peeks in no particular order but I am doing Racheal first as she is in her last week of college before graduation and could use a little perk for all her hard work :) ).

Racheal showed up with her heart. From all my interactions with her and from everything I had heard about her, I knew that she was one of those kind and generous people that you just want to be around. As I photographed her, it was such a privilege to see her shiny heart coming through clearly. What a blessing it is to photograph someone who is truly as beautiful in her heart as she clearly was in front of the camera.

These portraits were to celebrate her college graduation. I was thrilled that she brought along some gerbera daisies which are her favorite flowers and we incorporated them into a few shots. As well as taking some pictures around the park, we walked the perimeter of the park and used some of the cool doors and entrance ways of some of the neat old buildings in that area of Tacoma too.

IMG 7411 copy


IMG 7422 copy


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Racheal and I were chatting about the completely consuming schedule of a student and how it feels impossible to have any hobbies or time for a whole lot of extras. We saw a woman gyrating around with her hula hoop in the middle of the park and Racheal laughed and said, "There! That can be my new hobby when I am done with school...hula hooping!!" Maybe, or maybe she should just take some time to smell the flowers and lay in the sun a bit :) . I just love the next one, and the fact that she was so willing to try anything for me.

IMG 7508-1


IMG 7521 copy

Beautiful girl and a beautiful future that she is walking into.

IMG 7495 copy

Racheal, what a happy time I had with you, strolling around and chatting at the end of the day. Finish well this week....and then take a break...maybe a coffee and a book back at this park?