My sister has been doing the 365 project and banging out pictures of their family's daily life. It's been a riot. Some of my favorites have highlighted my high energy, quirky, loving, articulate niece, Quinn. Prancing her ponies down the bed with her daddy snoring behind her, bringing flowers to her new cousin and asking if the baby's name was Rapunzel or Denise, and the rolling around on the soccer field while the other two year olds did all the work . I howled when I saw the cell phone shot Kelly took of a text that her husband, Dano, had written on a day when he was with the girls while Kelly was working in the ER . Please say you are coming home soon. Quinn is terrorizing us all. Bring some sedatives (for either me or Quinn). She's a monkey, this one. She's bright and doesn't miss a beat. She loves deeply and wants to be with all her favorite people. She's a mover and a shaker.

The other day we were packing up from being at my dad's 70th birthday party. Quinn had been desperate to see "the cousins" so Kelly brought the girls down to our mum and dad's where we were staying. They had about an hour to dig in the dirt with Auntie Mau next door, and eat some popsicles, and munch on some leftovers from the party. We decided to take a minute to take some three year old headshots. Kelly wiped most of the popsicle off and popped her in her birthday dress and we were done in four minutes flat :).

We didn't get those feet cleaned up. Oh well, they look like that most of the time anyway.






















Auntie and Uncle Ben and the cousins love you, Quinny!