We've been feeling the love around here.

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My sister and her husband and sweet girlie drove down from Vancouver to spend a few days with us. They arrived on Valentine's Day and the atmosphere at dinner that night was less romantic and more chaotic ....the adults getting happy over the cream sauce at dinner, and the kids over their chocolates and goodies.

I always am a bit concerned about Quinn when she comes because her cousins do not have a great grasp of personal space. They want to hug and squeeze her and get right in her face...and they are loud! True to form, she showed herself again to be a Par-tay Girl, and absolutely LOVED the craziness that is our household. She was constantly craning her neck around to see what was going on around the corner and would give an attention seeking yelp when things got too quiet.

When Ruby was at school, Kelly and I packed up the kiddos and headed for our local park to get a few shots of Quinny.

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What a cute bug she is!

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"Mummy! Stop it! Stop it!! There's too much to do and see here!"

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Wiggle, wiggle, kick, grab, twist. This girl is a mover, and my sister gets greatly alarmed when I said that I don't even remember Tymen moving that much as a baby. Oy, watch out, sister.

This girls has "Monkey" written all over her :) .

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The furrowed brow that she's had since she was a wee infant.

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Here first time on the swing...she was loving it

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Come here, Auntie, let me have your camera!

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Kelly emailed me tonight that she is putting aside some hand me downs for Theo (three and a half months), but she wonders if in another week or so, Theo will be donating to Quinny (eight and a half months).

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Love this last one because I know in a year we'll be marveling at how little they all look.

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So happy that they live close enough to come for a visit and so glad that they do it.

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