My mum cannot sit with her hands still. She is a potter and hundreds of her creations are on tables and on shelves around North America. When she sits on the couch to relax, she often has a book of sudoku in her hands or is knitting or crocheting.

About ten years ago, she found a lovely little pattern and set to working on a couple of very special tiny baby girl dresses. No grandbabies in sight yet, she was a woman of faith, trusting that one day she'd have some granddaughters to love up and dress up.

Ruby wore one of those dresses at her baby dedication and Quinn, my beautiful niece, was given the other.

When we were at the beach a few weeks ago, Kelly and I hopped out to take some photos of Quinny all dressed up like a dolly. Grandee and Oma followed behind, crooning and admiring, as their shared treasure was taken to the beach first, and then plopped in a patch of California poppies in front of Grandee and Grandad's cottage.

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For those of you not familiar with the concept, a baby dedication is where parents present their child at church to be prayed over as they commit to teaching their child to honor God. It was a neat service and the pastor was absolutely tickled when Quinny bounced up and down, grabbed the microphone, grinned and waved at her family. She is a gift from God.

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We then made our way back to Quinn's house where we lunched and visited and all the cousins had a few bites before racing off to play hard together. A couple pictures outside of Kelly, Dano and their girlie and another of Oma, holding her hope fulfilled.

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Kelly and I felt very, very loved by our Oma and my mum, and now we love seeing our girls (and my boys) being adored in the same way. One day, it may be that Quinn will hold a granddaughter in this very dress.