My niece, Quinn, is turning one this week and my sister, the non-sentimental girl is getting pretty sentimental. Her baby is growing up (but the wonderful truth is that she'll always be her baby)!

How can it be a year since I was dashing up to Vancouver to photograph Quinn's BIRTH?

I think there is nothing quite as amazing and alarming as the first year of a baby's life. It is simply amazing to see the growth and change that happens almost day by day. It is alarming to note that every one is so right when they say, "It goes SO FAST!!"

We've so enjoyed this wee girl this year and she has sprouted up in my blog several times. She is a real ham and likes to mess around. She is sweet and fun and is really the life of the party. I used to be concerned that my kids would be overwhelming to her when she came over, but every single time she sees the cousins, she screams with delight and has to watch everything that's going on.

Last weekend we took her first year birthday shots in the front yard.

IMG 9648 copy edited-1


IMG 9682 copy edited-1


IMG 9715 copy edited-1


IMG 9722 copy edited-1

Yep, she looks 100% like her daddy.

IMG 9724 copy edited-1

Well, maybe she has Kelly's toes...

IMG 9734 copy edited-1

Then we brought out the cake for some fun! It never fails to amuse me to see kids go nuts on their cakes and she took a bit of coaxing at the beginning but then took to it like a duck to water. There...another similarity to her mother...the way she eats :) .

IMG 9767 copywat


IMG 9876 copy edited-1

Yay for me!!!

IMG 9880 copy edited-1


IMG 9922 copy edited-1


IMG 9970 copy edited-1

For her little party, Kelly had a bunch of her baby and one year pictures framed all over the house.

IMG 0831 copy

I just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this one with her little lime green loafers and Farley hanging underneath her chair, hoping for some spillage. These are the images that will be more and more fun as she gets older.

IMG 0864 copy edited-1

IMG 0874 copy

Quinn went after her mud pie (a Kasteel birthday tradition) until she realized it was freezing cold in her hands and then she screamed like a wet cat.

IMG 0929 copy

Grandee and Oma got a fork and then decided to team together to feed Quinn some more birthday cake.

IMG 0949 copywat

Here is Grandee presenting Quinny with her birthday pearls! Pearls!! How cute is that!

IMG 1017 copy

We love you, Quinny-Baninny! Happy birthday!

IMG 9644 copy