This past weekend we had a "Sip and See" for my niece, Quinny. I teamed up with my mum, a wonderful friend, Christy, and Dano's mum (who is also a friend :) ) to throw a party for friends to come and sip drinks, eat appy's, and see little Quinn. It was happy and noisy and fun and we so appreciate all the friends and family who flocked in to show their support. My kids made out like bandits in the sugar department. I am sure they each had at least eight cream puffs as they cajoled various family members and friends.

I just have a couple special photos of that day that I want to share.

This is "Grandee" (the cutest grandmother name!), Dano's mum, Dee who has taken to her new granddaughter like a bee to honey. We spent a good deal of time in the hospital agreeing on how perfect she was, and it was so fun to see Dee again.

IMG 5987 copy edited-1

Then this one takes my breath away. Ruby and her little cousin. She is still getting over a bit of disappointment over not having a sister, even though she is excited about a new brother. I love that we have Quinn to love in all her girly cousin goodness. Here Quinn is wearing a dress that Ruby wore as a baby.

IMG 5923 copy edited-1

This pretty girl was happy to be cuddled and loved by a host of eager arms the day of the party and was an absolute sugar bug.

IMG 5949 copy edited-1

The morning after the party, her Auntie Cassandra snuck into her parents' bedroom to get her for her early morning feed, so they could sleep just a little bit longer. I gave her her bottle and then she told me that she didn't think she had enough photos yet. Happy to oblige, I got out my camera and we had some lovely playtime in her nursery, taking pictures.

I just love those big, big eyes.

IMG 6116 copy edited-1

IMG 6101 copy edited-1

IMG 6105 copy edited-1

I dug through the party bags to find the gorgeous handmade blanket that Auntie Pam, Uncle Ian and her cousin, Abbey, had given her.

IMG 6126 copy edited-1

I could hardly keep Jasper off of her all weekend. He kissed and kissed and kissed her, telling me, "I fink she loves me, mumma."

IMG 6140 copy edited-1

It's always fun with tiny ones to use big furniture to show perspective. By a year, she'll be sitting up in the middle.

IMG 6174 copy edited-1

Through the slats of her crib. There is something about a sleeping and cozy baby that makes you feel like all is well.

IMG 6185 copy edited-1

We found a teeny, tiny doll on her bookshelves.

IMG 6239 copy edited-1

IMG 6234 copy edited-1

What a baby girl! I love her and am gratified to know that the feeling is mutual! Her mummy took this one.

IMG 6271 copy edited-1